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The Bulldogs Roster (UFFL)

D Brees QB
M Barber RB
P Thomas RB
C Ochocinco WR
H WardWR
T Ginn Jr. WR
G Olsen TE
J KasayK
T Edwards RS QB
F Jackson RS RB
D MasonRS WR
J Shockey RS TE
This is my Fantasy Football Team! Please comment!
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Brett Farve, Back Again.

What a suprise the one of the Best QB's ever in the NFL is back. After all the drama, he dicides he wants back in to football. Here's an idea, go to an arena league if you want to be on the field and leave us alone! I'm sick of his going back and forth between retired and playing, I'm sick of all this press it's getting! Can't we just get the basic news and then move on instead of the 10 minutes of continus non-comercial coverege! Did you ever think maybe he just wants the media, and is a huge Attention w*ore! All I know is I'm sick of him and his drama in the off-season!
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Mike Mussina Retires

The classic Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina retired today. He played 8 season with the Yankees, and a couple playoff aperances. He will be missed not just in Yankee history, but in baseball history also. Why am I writing about a Yankee player, when I'm a diehard Red Sox fan, you might ask, because I like Mike Mussina, he was not a load mouth Yankee, he was a calm quiet Yankee. I beilive we will all miss Mike Mussina at the ballpark.
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Posted on: November 20, 2008 8:19 pm

Coco Crisp to the Royals

Coco Crisp has ben sent to the Kansas City Royals. He was sent over for a reliver, Ramon Ramirez. Thus opening up a spot for Jacoby Ellsbury to be the permanent center fielder. Coco will lost in the Rays-Sox rivalry, he was in that fight with James Shields where he dodged the pitch, I mean punch and came back with a punch of his own. Coco will be missed, but he will be remebered in Red Sox-Rays history.
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Dustin Pedroia 3 awards

In the 2007 world Series season, on top of a world series ring Dustin Pedroia picked up a rookie of  the year award. That award was well deserved and he worked his butt off all year long to earn that AL Rookie of the Year honor. In the season of 2008 Dustin Pedroia had a slow start, but just took off from then on, with 157 games played had 653 at bats, 118 runs, 213 hits, 17 homeruns, 83 RBI's, .376 on-base %, .492 slugging %, and an average of .326 he earned himself the AL MVP award, and a Silver Slugger. And with 6 errors over the course of 157 games earned him a Gold Glove. He was one presidential elction win away from winning just about everything. He deserves everyone of the awards I listed above.

Despite only being 5' 9" Pedroia can field with the best 2nd Basemen, like Chase Utley, and other greats. Pedroia adds so much to this Red Sox roster, if they ever lost him it would be a shame, it would be like losing a chunk out of a wheel, it won't work properly after. But the Red Sox have him for a long time so they don't have anything to worry about at second base for a little while.

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GM for a day

If I were GM for the Boston Red Sox, I would run them just like Theo has. His General Managing has won the Red Sox two World Series trophies, one of them being the first one in 86 years. The first thing to be done is get back Jason Variteck, teck is too much of a team leader to lose, his numbers were not all that great in 2008 but everyone has an off year once in a while. Coco Crisp is on the market, the Red Sox have Jacoby Ellsbury and plenty off good outfield prospects, I say drop Coco. Jason Bay; the Red Sox great fielding, okay bat left-fielder is on the market; he wants to stay they need him bad, I belive he gave the Red Sox a lot more than Manny was taking. Brad Penny is a pitcher on the market, but were is there any room, unless you want to put him in for Wakefield and move him back in bullpen, and drop Timlin witch is happening, the other thing is say Curt Schiling is done and put him in his spot, more likely. Kahile Green would be a great replacment for Julio Lugo, and trading Crisp for Green is the way to get him. The Red Sox should keep Paul Byrd, he is very reliable and is a good pitcher. Sean Casey and Mark Kotsay are likey to move, we have J.D. Drew and Kevin Youkilis. There are very many moves to be done in this offseason, this team could come out looking like a completly different team in the season of '09, beter or worse we will find out.

Now to the New York Mets, the bullpen is a key factor, with a good bullpen this team is a World Series team. First thing I would do is get rid of Pedro Martinez, get John Maine back along with Delgado, a gold glover in '08. Go with Derek Lowe in Martinez' place. Jeremy Affledt would be a good addition to the bullpen. Alou, Armas, and Easley are three players to get back in the offseason. Joe Biemel would be a key picther to add to the bullpen for the 2009 season. Another bullpen pitcher to add is Brendon Donnely, he is a good pitcher and is what the Mets need. The last addition to be made to that bullpen is Kyle Farnsworth. This bullpen would be near un stopable with these additions. Bobby Abreu would be a good rightfielder to comlete the outfield. Toby Hall behind the plate sets these guys up to blow by the competition and into the World Series.

The Rays have never won a World Series, but in the nex couple of years there time will come, so I am focusing on the Rangers. They have already included Blalock in the '09 roster, so one of the key players is out off the way. They need to get back the DH Milton Bradley, his bat is too much to lose. The third baseman Ramon Vasquez is a key player to get back for that '09 Rangers club. The last free agent to pick back up is Jamey Wright, he was a key part to that bullpen in the 2008 season. Pat Burrel is a leftfielder needed in the outfield of this team. At the catcher sport I would put Henry Blanco, completing this team. The Rangers still need to get a World Series trophy and this is how they will do it.

There will be a lot of moves this offseason, that is for sure, but who and where is what were following. As I sit here watching NFL Countdown, I myself is counting down, counting down to MLB opening day, the new season were everything is starting new, and who knows what will happen. I beilive Jery Remy put it best,"For me baseball is also like a soap opera. In baseball the soap opera starts opening day and continues until the final day of the season. There are going to be so many ups and downs over 162 games and six mounths of playing: wins, loses, injuries, players upset at the manager, the managers upset with the players, superstars who refuse to talk to the press, and superstars who talk to much." That is what it is about and every year is different who nows what will hapen.

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